Monday, November 30, 2009

Helping Hand

I just love these pictures of John with Grace. They are from before Thanksgiving and before she really started walking everywhere on her own. It's great to have such a helpful big brother...


Nonnie said...

Anne, I just saw your comment on Donna's blog about Grace walking and I'm ecstatic - what an accomplishment. I hopped right on over here to your blog and was so happy to see pictures of Grace up on her own two feet and looking adorable. Love to all of you and have a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.

Donna said...

Alright - something's wrong if Nonnie can find you before me, but whatevah!

What a beautiful sight!! To see Grace up and mobile is simply amazing! And the whole brotherly love thing doesn't exactly help stop the flow of tears!

Yea for miracles! Yea for hard work! Yea for yall being inour lives! I, too cannot wait to see you all again.

And again, my condolences on the lost blog. Heartbreaking!