Wednesday, February 11, 2015

happy birthday john...

John turned eleven on Monday.  Since Grace and I were leaving on Monday for her therapy, he took one for the team and celebrated all weekend.

Our family tradition is that you get to pick the restaurant for dinner on your birthday.  John picked the same one as last year, since his favorite food is beef enchiladas.  We love this little restaurant, the food and service is amazing.  They brought out mexican ice cream for all the kids with candles in them.  Then John's aunt Patty cut the cake and gave him the piece with his name on it.

John is turning into an awesome young man right before our eyes.  He sounds like a man when he talks on the phone.  He has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh.  He is working really hard in school this year and has the grades to prove it.  He wants to do something significant when he grows up and talks about working with kids or working in ministry.  He can't decide between WVU and University of Delaware for college, he doesn't want to disappoint either parent!

Happy Birthday John!  Mom and Dad love you more than you will ever know...

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