Thursday, October 30, 2014

day 30: choose hope...

Sometimes, often times really, life is complicated and doesn't turn out the way we think it should.  This is one of those times for my family.  In addition to abiding in the Lord right now, I am choosing to have hope that the things we are facing with Grace right now will work out for the best.  Even though I can't see or determine what that is right now.

I love these words by Nelson Mandela.  I find that I need the reminder to base my life and choices on the hope that I have in Jesus and not the fears of this world.  Our home is full of words and sayings that inspire us and remind us of what we want to focus on.  Saying like this help center me on what is important and bring me order and peace.  I encourage you to surround yourself and your home with the words and sayings that inspire you, that remind you of what your hope is in.

Choose hope...


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