Sunday, December 22, 2013

making christmas cookies...

I have really fond memories of making cookies with my sisters and mom during the Christmas season.  So one of the things that I always do with my boys is make Christmas cookies.  In the past, this has always gone WAY better in my head than in real life.  I mean waaaay better. 

This year was different.  I'm pretty sure it is because they are older and more experienced and I lowered my expectation years ago, but this year we had fun making cookies.  So much fun that we are getting ready to do it again later today.  That is not something I've wanted to repeat in years past.

Luke is fascinated with the stories of the gingerbread boy who came to life so he begs every year for me to make gingerbread cookies.  Last year I made the dough from scratch and they didn't like it, so this year I bought a mix and they ate half of it.  Instead of making gingerbread boys, we mostly made super heros.

Today we are getting ready to make sugar cookie cut outs, using this recipe for crack dough from Amanda at i am baker.  I love this dough and normally we eat half of it because it gets too soft to roll out.  I made it this year with gluten free flour and the dough still tastes good, I'll have to see if the cookies come out the same.  I'm toying with taking the family or at least myself gluten free in the new year.  Any suggestions on doing this?

I updated the widget in my last post for the $50 Walmart Gift Card giveaway.  So it works now.  Go here to enter to win.

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well and you are looking forward to celebrating Jesus' birthday in a few days!


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