Wednesday, August 15, 2012

phillies game...

Last week we were given six tickets to a Phillies game.  So I immediately called my parents and found a babysitter for Grace.  It was Luke's first game and John's second.  It was sunny and hot, as it normally is in August in Philadelphia.   The boys have really gotten into baseball this year.  However, it is heartbreaking to be a Phillies fan this year.  They are just not able to win games this year and they traded the boys favorite players away recently.  However, it was fun to be at the park and see a game in person.

The seats were really good.  They were down the third baseline in short outfield.  We were in the shade for the last half of the game, which helped with the heat but when it is 94 and it feels like 98 outside it's still hot out.

One of the highlights of the game for Luke was the Philly Phanatic.  He is the mascot and runs around the park doing all the ridiculous things mascots do.  When he ran down the aisle closest to us, Luke was so excited he couldn't sit in his seat.  As the Phanatic was making his way back up the stands, Luke ran to the aisle to give him a high five.  Instead, he got a bear hug!

We were so thankful to be given the tickets, especially after the boys ate about $50 worth of food.  It was so much fun to see the Phillies play and actually win!


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Hannah said...

Free tickets are awesome...especially when having to feed boys. It just gets worse too soon they will be eating 50$ each :)