Tuesday, June 5, 2012

win or go home...

John's baseball team has made the playoffs.  Actually, at this age all the teams made the playoffs.  They are in a single elimination tournament right now.  Their first game was on Saturday.  They played with an ump for the first time.  It was very exciting to all the boys.

We were originally told that the game would be in the morning, so Mark switched his work schedule so he worked Saturday night.  Then the schedule came out and the game was at 4:00PM.  So I texted Mark updates throughout the game.

John's team won, 12 -7.  He had a good game, he had two at bats.  He struck out swinging his first at bat and then walked.  He stole second, moved to third on a base hit and then scored.  He also made a great play at the plate, to tag out a guy who was stealing home.  So their next game is tomorrow night.  If they win that they go to the Championship game which is going to be Saturday morning.

It would be fun for them to play in the championship game on Saturday because most of Mark's family will be in town this weekend.  But they lost both games to the team they are playing tomorrow night.   Either way, the boys are having fun!


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