Tuesday, December 20, 2011

some of my favorite things...

WARNING:  This post may contain random information and thoughts.  Please don't get dizzy by this post.  Just be happy you are not living in my brain right now...

I can not believe that Christmas is five days away.  I'm feeling ready but a lot little disorganized.  Not stressed but just disorganized about Christmas.  Oh and Luke's birthday, which is New Year's Day.


The boys had a fight discussion yesterday at breakfast that went something like this;

L: John, I win.  My birthday is first.
J: Yeah.  But you'll always be younger than me.
L: Still I'm the winner.  You loose.  I'm first.
J: I'm older.
L: But your second.

Then my head exploded off my body and they stopped arguing about it...

I am happy to say that I mailed most of our Christmas cards today.  That is a good feeling!  I have really been enjoying all the Christmas / Year End letter people include with their cards.  I thought for half a second about doing that this year and then realized that would have pushed me over the edge and caused me to stress out.  So I'm officially thinking about it for next year.


We took our kids to see a local house that has a HUGE Christmas light display.  It is so cool.  The lights are synchronized with songs on the radio (they have a sign and you turn your radio to a certain station).  It was amazing.  And we did it spontaneously.  I'm serious.  For those of you who don't know me in real life, I'm not spontaneous.  I like to do things that my kids think are spontaneous but I really plan everything.  So Mark was a little shocked when I looked at him at 6:30 on Sunday and said 'come on let's go'.   It was really fun!  The only down side was I forgot my camera.  Here's a link to their web site, Christmas Light Crazy and  picture from their site.  If you are local it is totally worth it.


This is one of my absolute favorite things about this time of year!!

The bowl was for Grace, the spoon in the container for me.  We may or may not have eaten the whole thing in 2 days and now I need to buy more.  But I'm afraid to buy it because it is my favorite ice cream.


John wore this hat to school the other day.  I asked him to pose in front of the tree and love that he stood right in front of the ornament of him as a baby.  I made that ornament for the Christmas (2004) that wasn't celebrated at our house because his adoption got delayed and he did not spend his first Christmas with us. 


Here is a picture of Grace from dinner the other night.  This is how she sits as I feed her every bite of her meals.  I can't believe she won't even touch the spoon at home, when I have seen her feed herself at both school and therapy.

 This picture just cracks me up!  Luke made this at his friend Brandon's house.

So are you ready for Christmas or Chanukah?

Happy Tuesday to you!



noreen said...

Hi Anne,

I love your new header! Your family pictures are beautiful... but then again, you and your family are beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Hannah said...

Love their argument. I've been wanting to try that ice cream too!