Thursday, September 1, 2011

august recap

It is hard to believe that we are saying hello to September today.  The last month of summer flew by!  I'm so glad we have one more long weekend away before we say good-bye to our summer vacations.  I realized that I had not posted a bunch of pictures from our August adventures.  So I'm going to post my favorite to recap our month.

I love this picture of Luke.  He is standing behind a fountain type thingy at Longwood Gardens.  I think it is so cool how you can see the water drops.

This is another picture from Longwood Gardens, me and my boys.  We had such a fun day with friends.

We painted one wall in our playroom with chalk board paint.  I'm almost ready to show before and after pictures.  This is the heart John drew me the other day.

We spent a fun day in Baltimore with friends at the Port Discovery museum.  The kids all had a blast but we never did get a picture of all five together.  Here is John, Luke and Nathan posing next to some sort of fish statue.

It was an incredibly hot day.  Which seems to happen when we get together, the last time we met up with these friends we went to the zoo and it was so hot some of the animals weren't allowed outside.  Here are the boys by the water.

Grace seemed to enjoy watching the kids have fun.  She walked around a bit but is really not able to participate in any of the exhibits.

This is Luke with Sela.  It was during their adoptions that Rena and I became friends.  We don't see or talk to each other enough but she is one of my favorite people.  I promise to be better at keeping in touch with her in the future.

The boys have spent a lot of time on their scooters this summer.  They can get going really fast.  Thankfully, we haven 't had too many crashes!  Here they are trying to see if they can go fast enough to make their capes fly behind them.

We had an awesome August.  Now we are slowly getting into our school year rhythm.  It seems to be the hardest on me, but as long as I'm organized our mornings seem to go smoothly.

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noreen said...

Hi Anne, your photos are great as always! You do so many fun things with your children that they will remember and cherish as adults. I too, cannot believe summer is over and school has started. I wasn't ready for it but it came anyways!!