Thursday, July 28, 2011

HERR's snack factory tour

Last week Mark was on vacation, so we had a staycation.  Which explains the blogging and email black hole I fell into.  We were able to check off a bunch of things from our summer fun list, including a tour to the HERR's snack factory. 

The HERR's factory is located about 20 minutes from us but we have never taken the time to go on a tour.  We decided it was time to check it out since it is so close and the tour is free.   It was blazing HOT the day we went but since we didn't spend too much time outside the boys didn't mind.  Well truthfully, anything with the word snack in it is going to be okay by them.  We are a snacking family!

They do not let you take any pictures while on the actual tour, but they do show you all around their facilities and have places where you can observe all of the different process.  This factory makes all varieties of potato chips, pretzels, corn chips and cheese puffs.  The tour takes about an hour and is really well done.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Chipper is the mascot of the HERR's company and Luke was excited to meet him.  Unfortunately, Chipper was on 'vacation'.  Maybe next time...

Since we were not able to take any pictures inside, we took some outside in front of the factory.   I love that picture of the boys.  I think I'm going to post it in their playroom, to remind them that they do love each other - we've had lots of fighting this summer!

I'm so happy my friend Bri challenged me to be in more pictures with my kids this summer.  Since I told Mark my goal, he has been very good about making sure I come out from behind the camera. 

By this time, the boys were hot, tired and hungry - so this was the best picture I could get of Mark and the kids.  Good thing the tour ends at the gift shop, where you can buy any HERR's snack you desire.  We ended up with a bunch of Oops! products and two cars they just had to have. 

If you are local, the HERR's snack factory tour would be well worth your time.  It is great for kids of all ages and accessible for strollers or wheelchairs.  But best of all, it is free and they give you a bag of chips at the end of the tour.  All that and a bag of chips!

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The Raudenbush Family said...

We did that tour not too long ago too! Kids had fun there. And, yes, that picture of your boys is adorable!