Tuesday, July 5, 2011

birthday tradition

As our kids have gotten older, Mark and I have discussed being purposeful about family traditions.  Okay, really I have talked and he has listened.  But we are in agreement that now is the time for us to implement traditions create excitement, expectation and a sense of belonging to our family unit.

One family tradition that we started last year, sort of by accident (which I guess goes against the whole purposeful argument), was going out to breakfast to celebrate birthdays.  Mark works a lot of nights and weekends and therefore isn't always home for dinner the day of one of our birthdays.  In fact, last year he had to work 2 - 10 PM on his birthday.  I was trying to figure out how to celebrate his birthday, when I realized breakfast out would be fun.  So the kids and I took him out to breakfast for his birthday and a tradition was born. 

We typically go on the person's birthday or as close to it as we can get.  This year we took Mark out to breakfast almost a month after his actual birthday, but no one seemed to mind.   The boys always get the same thing.  Sprinkle pancakes with a side of bacon for Luke and Chocolate Chip pancakes for John.

This was the first time I brought my camera, which I find hard to believe since it is usually attached to me like a third arm.  After we had finished eating, we asked the waiter to snap our family picture.

Now I think another family tradition has been born, taking a family picture at our birthday breakfast celebration!!


nora said...

I love the talking about starting family traditions (I do all the talking too.) And sprinkle pancakes? Who knew! Awesome!

noreen said...

You have a great family tradition Anne! Your kids will remember it and look forward to it each year. Will they want to do the same for your birthday?

Hannah said...

What a great tradition. I am big on traditions. We have big ones, little ones, deep ones and fun ones. I think they are just awesome.

Yay for sprinkle pancakes!!