Tuesday, December 21, 2010

this is going to be random

How's that for a post title and a warning all wrapped into one!  The kids have a few more days of school left before their Christmas Break.  And I am trying to slow down and enjoy these days and these times and not script our lives too much.  I think it's working because I just got my cards done today and it doesn't bother me one bit that it is December 21st. 

Luke had his Christmas play on Friday and it was adorable.  The school he goes to always does such a great job.  All the kids dressed as Shepherds, by wearing their dad's shirts and tea towel on their heads.  All I can say is it was CUTE!!  They sang five songs and Luke knew all the words and hand motions to each song.  This is the only picture that doesn't have his whole class in it but take my word for it, they were great.  He will be playing and all of the sudden break into 'Jesus is my best friend' (one of the songs from the play).  And I pray that that song takes root in his heart and is true for his whole life.

We don't make a big deal about santa at Christmas time.  In fact, we don't 'do' the whole presents from santa thing at all.  We tell the kids that we are celebrating Jesus's birthday and that they get 3 presents from mom and dad just like Jesus got 3 presents from the Wisemen.  They are fine with this and don't really ask too much about santa.  Because we don't focus on santa during this time, my kids have never had their picture taken with santa.  Okay, so I told you all of that to tell you this. 

We were invited to our neighbor's house to a party with santa on Saturday and told to bring a present for each child so that santa could give them out.  We told the kids that we were going to a party and one of santa's helpers would be there dressed like santa and that we had bought presents for him to give them.  Well, Luke lost it when he saw santa.  He ran up to him, while another family was having their picture taken with santa and said 'I love you so much!' and hugged him.

John and Grace wanted nothing to do with the big guy in the red suit.  John did make sure that he was going to get his present even if he wouldn't talk to santa.  They are like night and day these boys!

We celebrated Christmas with my family on Sunday but these are the only pictures I got...

I love that one of Mark and Grace.  I think it is so good of both of them.  And truth be told, they are the hardest ones in the family to get good pictures of.  My sister Cathy gave her son Will a camera for Christmas and this is how he spent the night.  

And finally, dear friends of ours are facing the unthinkable this Christmas.  Their dear, sweet baby girl is very sick and may soon go home to be with the Lord.  Their daughter, Lucy, was born with a mitochondrial disease and is not doing well right now.  Drew and Nicole have recently become Christians and had all four of their kids dedicated to the Lord this past Sunday.  There was not a dry eye in the whole place when the pastor was done praying for Lucy.  I was sobbing.  Please say some prayers for them this holiday season as they face the reality of not if but when their daughter will leave this earth.  Their blog can be found here.

I made this sugar cookie dough, from my friend Amanda's baking blog.  She makes amazing cookies and cakes while raising 3 young kids and being pregnant with baby number 4.  We are going to cut them out and decorate them today but the dough is like crack (not that I really know what crack is like, but it is calling to me from the fridge.  seriously.).  I'm going to let the boys decorate them so they won't be as amazing as Amanda's to look at but they taste just like crack as awesome!!
See, I warned you.  This was a random post...


Hannah said...

We don't really do Santa here either. My kids like Santa just like they like Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob.

I love **LOVE** Amanda's blog. I read it all the time!

BC said...

Random posts are the best! I have never met sweet Lucy or her family but feel like I know them through the conversations we've had at DGL meetings. They will be in my prayers this week...

Love the first pic of Luke!
Where does he go to school by the way? I keep meaning to ask you that.


Gardenia said...

oh little Lucy is in my prayers for healing, as are her family. nothing bad about a random post. it's a goodway to get a bunch of little things recorded. I too like the pic of Mark and Grace.