Thursday, November 18, 2010

It has been one year

Or an alternate title could be 'Has it really been one year?'.  I remember so many of the details of that day.

For instance, we were going to an Occupational Therapy session at The Barn at Springbrook Farm and I was really put out about the whole thing.  I had a terrible attitude.  I almost canceled the session.  It was always cold in the barn.  Grace was aging out of Early Intervention and was going to go to school soon.  I had to take John with me and then rush back to get Luke from pre-school and then rush home to get John on the bus for Kindergarten.  She really wasn't making that much progress.  I was tired of all the appointments.  Tired of the lack of progress.  Tired of being tired.  I was about to cancel when Mark said, 'then make this your last appointment there and be done with it but you should go'.

So we went.  Me, my bad attitude, John and Grace.  And at the last minute, I threw my camera in the car.  Thinking that if this was our last appointment I might as well get some pictures.

It started off as a typical appointment.   Grace not really loving it

 The therapist and volunteer trying to entice her to walk by getting the goats out of their pens

Grace being led, hand over hand around the barn

And then all of the sudden.  It happened.

She let go and starting walking!!

It was so amazing.  I truly Thank God for the prompting to put my camera in the car because it was and still is such a gift to be able to have these pictures.  I have tears in my eyes as I type this post.  It is still so very memorable and so very emotional to me. 

So many things stand out for me about that day.  But the one that I hope to never forget is how happy Grace was.  She had a smile on her face the whole time.  And just would not stop walking.  She went up and down the ramps, out in the grass, over gravel, she just kept walking and smiling.  It was so convicting after my terribly pissy attitude.

So, for one year now, I have been saying 'Grace learned to walk right before Thanksgiving' or 'She has been walking since last Thanksgiving'.  And all of the sudden, I realized that this week was the one year anniversary of our daughter walking.  It is really funny to think that it was exactly a year ago that Grace, who was 22 months old, learned to walk.  I guess now I have to change my answer and say, Grace has been walking for one year.

I'm linking up to Hannah's blog for her FFF post on being thankful.  Check out her post and all the posts here.


Gardenia said...

you captured some beautiful photos -- look at Grace's determination and smile (huge smile), and you can relive that memory more vividly because of those photos. it must have been a very emotional day for you. (how did you keep the camera from not shaking ??)

Anna said...

Anne that is amazing and what an incredibly special day and you have captured the moment of Grace starting to walk beautifully in these photos...and her sweet, happy face is just gorgeous.

It always amazes me how God can work in situations we have given up on or feel so negative about...makes me thankful He's in charge and not me:)

Thanks for sharing such a special milestone.


Hannah said...

I love that you were able to capture that moment. Isn't it amazing that even when we give up and show our bad attitude the Lord lets us see just a glimpse of the gifts he has in place for us :)

Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

Melaina said...

I follow your blog regularly and it just warmed my heart to read this one! It made me tear up too! I feel so blessed to have shared that experience with you and Grace. Thank you for all your posts and updates. What a wonderful Mother you are to such a beautiful family :-)