Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tibits

I don't have enough for one post, so I'm going to post a bunch of random and miscellaneous stuff in one post.  It is really an excuse to post some pictures that I was going to post today under Wordless Wednesday, but then I realized it was only Tuesday.

I stopped counting after the tenth time Luke got out of bed last night.  He normally has no problem going to sleep but yesterday he fell asleep on the couch for 2 1/2 hours and therefore wasn't tired at bedtime.  I wrote down some of my favorite excuses he used last night for getting out of bed,  here are my top three

1. My head is frustrating me.  (I hate when that happens)
2. The baby is too heavy.  He has stated for a while now that he has a baby in his belly and was quite frustrated when my sister had her baby first.  But I guess kangaroos just take longer than human babies :)
3. John is talking to me.  At this point, John had been asleep for 2 hours.

He finally fell asleep at 10:30PM on the couch.


Grace did not nap on the van ride home from school.  So she fell asleep at 7:30 and was up from 2:00AM - 5:30 AM.  As a result, I kept her home from school today.  We are both really tired!  Due to teacher conferences that means she is done school for the week.  I just know that I will be confused about what day it is all week because of that :)  But on the flip side, we can have some girl fun while the boys are in school.


I started running again a few weeks ago.  I began going to the gym a few mornings a week when the kids started back to school and have been running on the treadmill.  I have not been as consistent as I want because of various life events - like Grace not sleeping last night and being home from school.  When I went yesterday, I finally felt like a runner again.  It was awesome!  I am slowly increasing my mileage and hope to be running 4-5 days a week.  But for now it was a huge victory to feel so good when I ran.  I didn't want to stop.


Mark got me an iPod Nano for my birthday (which hasn't even occurred yet).  And.I.love.it!!  Of course, you could say that I love it because I picked it out and bought it for myself.  But the real reason is that I used it during my run yesterday and it was so much better than watching TV while I run.  Now I just need to add some songs with good beats and fast tempos so I can stay motivated.  Any suggestions?!?


He ain't heavy, he's my brother...

For some reason, the boys love to pick each other up.  I'm not sure I understand it but it is funny to watch their sheer pleasure in this activity.  John can not only pick Luke up but he carries him around.  He also carries Grace around which is a little scary.  Like the time my mom came over to watch the kids and she and Mark found all 3 kids in the basement (Grace doesn't go up or down stairs without help).  Luke is able to pick John up briefly and it always surprises John when he does. 

These pictures crack me up for so many reasons.  But primarily because Grace is doing laps around them and how the boys faces reflect how fun they find this.  It really is silly how much they enjoy picking each other up.

Bless you if you have made it this far on this most interesting random post of mine.  Hopefully, sleep will come easier and last longer at our house tonight!!

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Gardenia said...

yay for the new iPod. and yay that you are feeling like a runner again. that's a good boost to your self esteem too I'm sure.