Friday, August 13, 2010

Kissy-Face Grace

I absolutely love this picture of Grace and her dad.  I love how she is looking at him and his eyes are closed.  I love how little she looks compared to him.  I love how it reminds me that no matter how busy Mark is or if he is dashing out the door so he won't be late for work,  he always takes time to kiss and play with Grace when she wants too.  I love how it looks in black and white.  And I love how looking at them together makes me feel happy.

Check out more FFF posts on Hannah's blog here.  Happy Friday to you!


Melinda said...

That is the sweetest picture! There is something so special about daddies & daughters!

Hannah said...

That is SO sweet! I just love it. :)

Terri said...

Awwww... got to love that picture! So sweet!

Anna said...

Such a beautiful photo Anne!! So sweet. Daddy's love their little girls for sure:)

And just caught up on your previous post that water slide. That is a great idea to hire it with your neighbours.
And how adorable is John wanting to live next door to you and do your shopping! What a thoughtful little guy he sounds like he must be:)

Take care,
(and don't feel bad, you are a much better blogger than me these days Anne...I seem to have writers block or something or lost the inspiration to write??? I think its just the business of life with 3 kids maybe...well that's my excuse anyway:)

Gardenia said...

you captured it all! that's what it means I think that a picture is like a thousand words. and also emotions too. I love Grace's look.