Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What we've been up too around here...

For some reason life is really busy around here these days.  I seem to have taken a short break from blogging and even reading the blogs I love to follow.  So instead of posting one huge update post with lots of details, I thought I would post some pictures to update you on what we've been up to lately...

Playing - John is really enjoying playing TBall this year 

Learning - Grace has started to pick up the boys cars and run them on the floor making a 'vroom' sound with her mouth

Posing - Luke likes to pose his toys and have pictures taken of them

Celebrating - My dad turned 76 in April (here he is at his birthday celebration, with jet lag, a sinus infection and bronchitis)

Visiting - We went to West Virginia this past weekend to visit Mark's family.  His mother received the Salt and the Light Award from the Catholic Charities, for her life of service.  She is such an awesome example of what a servant looks and acts like, I am so blessed to be able to call her mom!

I hope to get back to regular blogging now that things seem to have slowed down here for the moment or at least, I feel like I have a handle on things even if they haven't slowed down...  And of course, I have some reading to do :). 


reaping joy said...

Hi Anne! I had lost your new blog address & then saw the link in a post you did on the FTC board. I haven't totally caught up with you, but I looked at a lot. I am rejoicing with you at the progress Grace has made! What a difference a year makes, esp. with God's help :-) I love the pics of the boys, too. Baseball was always my favorite sport to watch the boys play. Sadly, they all outgrew it now.

I bookmarked your new blog address so I won't lose it again!
Blessings to you :-)

Hannah said...

Sounds like everything is going great for you guys! Love that :)

Can't wait to hear more!

Anna said...

Lovely to read your update and see all your photos of what you've been doing. Its a lovely photo of you and Mark.

I am the same with the unusually busy weeks too. I think life with small kids just=busy though doesn't it:)

Take care,

Gardenia said...

thanks for the update. I love the pic of you and Mark. we don't often post pics of our mommy-selves, and it's nice to see them. I think things will only get busier here as the weather warms.