Thursday, April 15, 2010

Play Ball (T-Ball Season has started)

I'm really far behind on my posting and updating, so I thought I would just jump right back in with something fun!!  John is playing T-Ball again this year.  He is on a team with 4 boys from our neighborhood and it is so much more fun than last season.  His team is the Iron Pigs, each team is named after a farm team for the majors and his happens to be the Phillies single A team name. 

He seems to really enjoy playing and has always been very good at baseball.  When he was 2 he could hit pitched balls and throw the ball back to you with pretty good accuracy.  I happen to LOVE baseball, I mean really I do that was not said with sarcasm, and wanted him to be a left handed middle reliever.  But as it turns out, he is right handed and will probably be a really good 2nd baseman or short stop.

Here are some pictures from his opening day game.

John is so sweet and so, so serious when he plays.  He gets right into the 'ready' position and waits for the ball.  However, sometimes they have to wait a while and then he starts dancing.  I need to get this on video because he is doing this whole dance, shaking his booty and all.  It was hilarious.

Words cannot express how much I love this guy.  Or how happy I am that he is enjoying playing on a team.  And just remember, when he is a famous baseball player - you saw the pictures here first ;).


Gardenia said...

Look at your big little man! how proud you must be of him. Love your new blog layout.

Hannah said...

Great pictures! You gotta love spring sports :) FUN!

Anna said...

I love these photos and he looks so focused.
Great to read all your updates since we've just got back from being away.
Those photos of Grace after her room 're-modelling' night are very cute!! I would've been shocked too to find her out of her cot and sitting there:) Our Connor will often seem to wake up now and chat in the very early morning...when we were camping its not so much fun when he's in the same tent as us!!! So I can relate to that one:)
I love your new blog background and you take such clear beautiful photos it all looks great.
Take care,