Thursday, March 18, 2010

It feels like Spring

The clocks have sprung forward, the days are longer and the sun is shinning here! It is making for some very happy days. The kids in the cul-de-sac have all been out this week to play. It is so great to see all the kids running around again (without their winter jackets and snow pants on)! As soon as the big kids get off the bus and have their snack, all the kids start coming out to play. And it is difficult to get them in for dinner :)

One sure sign of Spring, or rather warm weather, is popsicles! The boys really enjoy going out on our deck after dinner and having popsicles. Tonight I surprised them with some really yummy all fruit pops from Trader Joes and snapped some pictures while they enjoyed their treats.

My sweet girl is all smiles to be outside in the sun again

For some reason, John would not smile 'right' (i.e., non-goofy smile) for the camera tonight. So I snapped this while he wasn't looking

Brothers and best friends

Luke is always all smiles. I wish I could photoshop those shadows off his face, it would be so much cuter if I knew how to edit it.

To check out more Spring time fun, go to Hannah's blog here for all the FFF posts. I hope everyone is enjoying Spring like we are!!


Gardenia said...

great pics of your kiddos enjoying spring. we are enjoying it here too. and that's quite a popcicle. I do love the picture of Grace.

Anna said...

Yum...looks like the boys loved the iceblocks:)

And great to hear you're getting some sun and warmer weather so you can all thaw out again after a very cold winter:)

Take care,

Hannah said...

That looks like a yummy Popsicle. Those are great pictures too.

Aren't you glad it is Spring??