Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First day of school pictures

Here are a few pictures of Grace before her first day of school. We have always taken a picture of all 3 kids on the first day of someone going to school. The picture is typically on the steps now that they can all sit up independently. So the first few are of the boys with their sister before her first day of school.

How cute and what a miracle, they are ALL looking at the camera!

I put this one in because I love her new outfit from Aunt Melanie.
Doesn't she look cute?

Here is the van that comes and picks Grace up every morning. Her driver is Phyllis and the aide is Donna. And they are such a blessing. They just love on Grace (and of course the other kids on the van) and are always so happy to see my pretty girl.

And another shot of it pulling away. It is a much larger van than we originally thought she would ride in. I'm so glad for the extra protection for my sweet girl. They have her riding in the front row and she sleeps all the way home every day.


Gardenia said...

what a sweetheart she is. and her brothers look protective of her!! school tires her out -- my little one is tired after school too!

Hannah said...

What a cutie pie on her first day of school!! I love how her brothers have their arms around her :) Sweet.

Kim & Dave said...

Such a sweetie! Love all the pics of them together!!

I am glad she will be getting so much good therapy!!