Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My sweet girl is 3 today!

happy birthday grace

I love you more every day...


Gardenia said...

happy third birthday Grace. what a beautiful smile on that girlie. my daughter's 3rd bday is this week too!!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday !!! I hope it is a wonderful day :)

Donna said...

3!?!?! Wow - Happy 3rd Birthday, little lady!

That's gotta be one of my all time favorite pics of her - what a delicious little smile!

Cheryl (FTC) said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Grace!!! That picture is so amazing!!! Isabella saw it and said "my friend". :)

Anna said...

Happy 3rd birthday Grace:) What a beautiful photo of her Anne.

And just caught up on all your previous posts I've missed as have had frustrating blogger issues for awhile but its fixed for now.

I love that photo of John in your 'Five years ago today' post.
I can relate to those feelings too Anne of longing for children and having to be so patient but then God blessing us more than we could've imagined...amazing!

And might have to look at Leapsters for the girls some day...I'm sure I've seen them here in Australia.

Take care,