Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's a wrap! Goodbye 2009!

Our family had an awesome Christmas. In fact, it was our best ever. As our children are getting older so much is getting easier and they are just more fun. Mark was off for 8 days and we did not travel this year. Which are 2 huge reasons we had such a great Christmas and Christmas break. I have over 100 pictures of our Christmas celebration with my family, in large part due to the fact that I handed my camera to my BIL Patrick and asked him to take a few pictures of the kids opening presents. Well, he took pictures of everything. Including but not limited to the inside of the oven, the turkey, the steps, the trash, etc. It was really funny when I looked at my camera the next day!!

Unfortunately, all good things must end and Mark went back to work today. He is actually at work until 10:00 PM, which I find funny because it is New Year's Eve and I can't believe anyone would be going to their local pharmacy to fill a prescription...

And speaking of it, I can't believe it is New Year's Eve. And tomorrow starts 2010. I vividly remember NYE 1999 and find it incredible that that was 10 years ago. 10 years ago since Y2K was looming and people were hysterical about the world ending. Where did the time go? In fact, where did the 2009 year go?!? We have so much to be thankful for and I'm working on a post with pictures on that very topic to start the new year.

In the meantime, (nice transition ha!) it snowed a wee bit here today and so the kids and I built the lamest snowman ever. I mean EVER. But still, it made them happy and got them outside for a while so it was fun! Here are some pictures of our snowman, who is now no longer since the rain has washed him mostly away.

The kids said that he had to have a carrot nose, rocks for eyes, a scarf and a hat. SO that is what he got. I think he looks kind of debonair!

You can really see how small and lame he is in this picture with John and Luke.

Not sure why they were playing on my table!!!

Here is a picture of my parents and 4 of their 5 grandchildren. Princess Grace would not cooperate for pictures on Christmas Eve. But I think this is a good one anyway.

Here is one of all 5 grandchildren, but we had to go with the wide angle to get Grace in the picture. As it turns out her cold was turning into an ear infection so she wasn't just being a 2 (almost 3 year old) she was in fact sick and not feeling well.

As this year comes to a close, I want to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And pray that God gives you the desires of you hearts in the coming year. Wishing you and yours many blessings in the New Year.


Hannah said...

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I love that your husband was able to be off during Christmas, mine was too and that made a huge difference!

Donna said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Anne and family! Sure hope we get to SEE you again in 2010!

haha - I didn't think the snowman was wuzzy until I saw the boys standing next to him! He's very cute!

Anna said...

Happy New year to you and your family!

And that is a very cute snowman:)

Hope little Grace is feeling better now poor girl.

Take care and glad that you had a wonderful Christmas time with your family.

God Bless,


Gardenia said...

Happy New Year, Anne to you and your family. Blessings in 2010 too !! my baby girl will be three soon too (later this month).